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The Finn Juhl sideboard replica is a simple and beautiful piece that was born in 1955 by the hand of this well-known artist and furniture designer who produced this and other pieces that are still known today as a fundamental part of the mid-century modern catalog. However, many people are unaware of the origin of this piece and the story behind this great creation, which combines exclusive wood materials with the colors of the Goethe color wheel. To understand the greatness of the Finn Juhl 1955 TV cabinet, it’s necessary to know the mind behind creation.

Finn Juhl: a Genius of Space, Form, and Color

Finn Juhl was born on January 30, 1912, in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Although his greatest preparation was received in the field of architecture, it was his work in furniture design that gave him international fame. In principle, he designed the pieces for himself, for use in his own department, and these designs were made by Danish carpenter Niels Vodder. Later, when he got his first major job related to interior design at Bing and Grøndahl at Amagertorv (Copenhagen), he had the opportunity to demonstrate all his talent and this became one of his most important works. His creations stood out for the beauty of their simplicity, highlighting the firm lines, geometric shapes, and striking colors.

The Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard is one of his most representative creations and those that have traveled a very long journey. Some people use it as an entertainment center and for others, it’s the ideal storage unit. After its presentation, the replicas of this model became very popular and requested, especially within the world of interior design and the mid-century modern style. The sideboards in general, as a piece of common use in domestic spaces, have been present in interior design since the eighteen century and it was thanks to models like this that gained greater popularity in the mid-twentieth century. People used to combine it in the living rooms layout with some other creations of this trend.