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The Peacock chair is one of the wooden Danish chairs with the most captivating design and today we will expose the history behind its particular name, characteristics, and affordable options to acquire it.

But first, let’s take a look at the interesting contributions of its iconic designer Hans Wegner, and how they led to this harmonious structure.

The Hans Wegner contributions

Hans J Wegner or as many know him “master of the chairs” has shown us throughout his career that functional and innovative furniture can be manufactured in the simplest way.

His professional career includes more than 400 models of chairs, a fact that has led him to be one of the most important icons in Danish design.

The contributions that Hans Wegner left during his active years were mainly focused on the formal furniture revolution, where he tried to implement an organic and natural softness, characteristic of his native country.

Another of the contributions that stand out is the respect that he instills towards the use of natural materials, specifically wood.

Wood is perhaps the most common material seen in the Danish and Scandi designs. Both seek to manufacture forms and structures based on light wood. 

The inclusion of wood drives to obtain a dynamic design that also provides a certain luminosity and warmth to the spaces.

The Peacock chair, the most elegant wooden chair

With this goal in mind, one of the most elegant chairs in his collection was created; the Hans Wegner Peacock chair. This chair from the first glance that it is given captivates you with its long imposing back composed of organic lines.

The Has Wegner Peacock chair was named for the designer Finn Juhl, who upon seeing it was amazed by the similarity of its back to the tail of peacocks. So much was the determination and astonishment of the designer that Hans Wegner decided to baptize it with this particular name.

The description of the original piece is in solid ash and oak, in a multitude of finishes. In addition, the seats are made in a natural or black paper cord.

The Peacock chair is a piece that is usually obtained at a price greater than 6000 euros. However, there are alternatives such as high-end replicas which offer a very similar product for less than half the price.

Hans Wegner Peacock chair replica features

The BCN Peacock chair replica goes through a manufacturing process very similar to that of the original piece. Our goal is to guarantee an almost perfect design, loyal to the details of the model that is taken as a reference.

For this reason, we use materials that are similar in quality and finish.

The frame is crafted in solid Ash and a seat with a new braided rush cord. Our skilled craftsmen professionally refinished the chair while maintaining the core of Wegner’s original design and would make the ideal focal point for any modern interior.

The most specific features of the Hans Wegner Peacock chair replica include the following:

  • Solid ash wood with Natural or Walnut finish
  • Solid wood backrest without finger joints
  • Seat hand woven seat with durable paper cord
  • Wood treatment: Eco oil-based stain
  • All materials are non-toxic (Baby Friendly)