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Even though the living room generally has a special role when you’re generating the first ideas to design an interior space, the truth is that the dining room also has a very important place for this purpose, and some iconic fixtures such as the Arco lamp have a very appropriate design for this type of spaces. Certainly, the dining room could be considered the soberest and most elegant area of any house, considering that it’s the place where often friends or family are welcomed to whom we want to offer a pleasant and happy moment, and to surprise with our best sense of esthetic. 

Additionally, it’s a place where we go daily and where many families gather every day to share the table and some of their daily experiences. This means that, by definition, the dining room needs to be a pleasant compartment, with all the comforts and advantages that make it a friendly place. The Arco lamp, with its wide functionality, its stainless steel bow that has a range of up to 78.6 inches and its efficient reflector head, which allows it to project its light source to the corner where it’s most needed, is a piece that can favor you a lot on this goal.

The Arco Lamp Will Show The Real Colors of Your Dishes

Furthermore, if it’s also compared to the living room in a functional sense, the dining room is a space whose functions are also generally more defined, since the living room is often a multipurpose area. This is one of the main reasons why an Arco lamp is a wise addition to such a compartment. A dining room is always expected to be a warm environment, with soft lighting and a color scheme that transmits the greatest possible balance. Also, when preparing a special dinner or a meal of great visual appeal, the correct lighting allows you to appreciate the dishes with their true colors and shapes, space is more useful, comfortable, and offers wide possibilities.

Commonly, an attractive chandelier is chosen as the main lighting source, as the best lamps are generally dedicated to this space, but the truth is that in the dining room, you can experiment with other different types of light to add brightness and dynamism, not only with the Arco lamp but also from chandeliers to table lamps and reflective details that help to redistribute the lighting and add delicate touches of brightness such as crystals, satin finishes, metal pieces and the traditional showcase with its glass front and glass content, always making sure to maintain consistency concerning the decorative style you’ve chosen.

Your Arco Lamp Is The Perfect Company For Reflective Elements

Brilliant accents often cause a charming effect, adding magic and visual interest, especially in dining rooms with ample glassware, an abundance of metals, or the presence of highly elegant decorative mirrors. However, glare should be avoided as this can create a counterproductive visual effect and greatly affect harmony. The secret is to find the perfect balance between light and reflective elements. The attractive metal finishes of your Arco lamp are a feature that practically no one will miss and will reinforce the classy spirit of your modern dining room.

Choosing the most suitable color palette should also be among the highest priority aspects of your decorating plan. If you have a small dining room, white can be your great ally, since it’s a neutral tone that promotes the feeling of spaciousness and makes the most of natural light sources. Also, a predominantly white color scheme may be the best environment to integrate your Arco lamp. You can experiment with pale shades and variations such as ivory, light blue, light gray, pale yellow, and pastel touch-up colors with interesting accents of more concentrated shades like brown, dark green, or navy blue.

The Arco Lamp Combines Very Well With Simple and Functional Furniture

If you’re a lover of Mid-Century Modern style, some eye-catching colors like pink, orange, and red can further enhance the contrast, especially if you use them as accent colors instead of core colors. The amazing lighting of your Arco lamp will help to enhance the darkest tones and will give more life to the warm nuances, supported by additional light sources that you decide to use to reinforce the style of your dining room, such as chandeliers, wall sconces, recessed lighting, etc. Remember that the world of interior lighting is truly fascinating and full of multiple possibilities.

Another important aspect is the choice of furniture. This is usually a decisive step, considering the great influence it will have on the final result since furniture generally has the greatest responsibility for defining the style, proportions, and management of free space. If you have a more classic trend, you might like the idea of a dining room with highly stylized chairs, with an old or very traditional design, but if you’re more inclined towards the contemporary, you may be looking for something simple with shapes and functionality as a greater priority. The Arco lamp will look good in the company of a simple and functional furniture selection, as this is the main feature of the Mid-Century Modern trend. Remember that the Transitional style combines elements of both trends in a very correct way.

An Arco Lamp Replica Is The Perfect Option For Your Dining Room

Although the original design of this lamp created by the Castiglioni brothers and presented by the Italian company FLOS has been in continuous production since 1962, many people are not in a position to make such an investment, for various reasons. In these cases, it should always be kept in mind that an Arco lamp reproduction is an excellent alternative, more than anything if it’s about products that emulate the original design with great fidelity, including its dimensions and the quality of its materials, from its solid Carrara marble base to its stainless steel arch.

With these first steps, you can now generate your first sketch of what could become the dining room of your dreams. Dare to experiment with the properties that an element as extraordinary as the Arco lamp can add to your dining room and turn your dining space into a prodigy of the Mid-Century Modern style!