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Mid century modern is a hot trend right now. From furniture to interiors to lighling to architecture to design to art, the mid century modern style is having a tremendous influence. The term is being used a lot nowadays! 

The demand for new items inspired by designs from the past or original items has exploded thanks to the increasing popularity. But what is mid century modern and what decor pieces truly showcase this style?

Reflecting a futuristic approach to design, mid century modern originated in the decade of the 40s and 50s in America and Europe. Designs back then had organic elements, simple shapes and clean lines. 

mid century modern floor lamps

Source: Decoist

Functionality and practicality was also essential, with designs meant to be long lasting.Textiles and pillows showcased bold and graphic patterns, while accessories and ceramics were unadorned and modern.

Think mid century modern style is NOT for you? Well, continue reading below and you’ll find out it IS for you! Being iconic and neutral, while blending well with other styles, mid century lighting is the perfect option for every space.

Mid Century Modern Lighting

With a broad range of types of mid century modern lighting, there’s certainly no shortage for you to choose from. Everywhere from ceiling lights (chandeliers and pendants) to wall sconces to table lamps to mid century modern floor lamps, the assortment of choices that work are endless. 

mid century modern floor lamps

After all, the mid century modern decor style is one of the trendiest now! Besides, each and everyy lighting style works with a myriad of decor styles. 

So, what do you search for when looking for lighting? Today you’ll learn everything you need to know about mid century modern lighting, including floor lamps. Find our brightest lighting options below for inspiration! 

Different Styles of Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps

There’s no other way to get a sense of a style or aesthetics than looking at a few of its most popular pieces. When it comes to mid century modern floor lamps, there are no better representations than these… These luxurious pieces will light up any room!

1. Antwerp Floor Lamp

mid century modern floor lamps

Our striking Antwerp Floor Lamp with a retro vibe is not only innovative, it’s also gorgeous. It provides functional and decorative art! This lovely brushed brass floor lamp, synonymous with mid century modern, will give an instant revamp to your living room. 

And, its brushed brass finish is accented by frosted glass orb shade offering a soft glowing illumination. Add it to any room in your home for a vintage 50’s feel. Don’t’ you love how the glass globe seems to float on the twisted tripod base?

2. Estal Floor Lamp

mid century modern floor lamp

Searching for a floor lamp that beautifully blends into any room’s decoration? Consider our Estal Floor Lamp experty made of aluminum and marble. With its understated, sleek vive this mid century modern floor lamp will give you light exactly where it’s needed the most!

More importantly, this contemporary lighting fixture can perfectly merge with any interior design style, from mid century modern to industrial to rustic farmhouse to eclectic to Scandinavian to shabby chic to minimal to coastal, and many more.

3. Fortune Floor Lamp

mid century modern floor lamps

Trying to add a touch of pizzazz to your living space? Consider the one-of-kind Fortune Floor Lamp! Illuminate to abundance with a light fixture that artfully merges steel, iron, brass, pine wood and fabric. Amazing, isn’t it? 

The internal drum shade is made of neutral hued fabric. Positioned on a solid pine wood and black coated steel tripod that further enhances its creativity. This beauty suits rustic ranch, industrial modern, vintage modern and other transitional decors. Ready to escape the fetter with this impressive fixture?

4. Arco Lamp

mid century modern floor lamps

Decades ago, the first lamp ever to offer lightning in the center of a room was designed. It was similar to the mid century modern design icon, the Arco Lamp. This masterpiece beautifully showcases a sumptuous Italian Carrara Marble stone and a round stainless steel arch. 

This timeless beauty is a statement worthy piece! This must-have lamp provides directional and adjustable downlighting, using a 60-100 watt. The dramatic stainless steel arm allows for both direct and indirect light. And, the marble stone creates a sophisticated, elegant focal point. This lux fixture commands attention!

Mid Century Modern Lighting Offers a Timeless Look 

mid century modern floor lamps

Mid century modern lighting is exactly what you need if you want to give your home a timeless look, with organic form and clean lines. The perfect blend of contemporary and tradition, mid century design is characterized by the classic appeal from the 20th century.

Beyond simply celebrating a different period in time, mid century design style relishes in form and functionality with notes of minimalist style and sleek lines. Blending a diversity of colors and materials, designers produced longlasting masterpieces which withstand the test of time. 

mid century modern floor lamps

So, if you need a timeless, effective solution that ties your decor pieces together and fits your personality and taste, consider mid century modern lighting!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, mid century modern lighting immediately uplifts a home’s character, seamlessly blending with homeowner’s lifestyles. In fact, by joining modern style with retro influences, mid century lighting has the finishing touch to match your decor with your furniture. 

Mid century modern floor lamps are the perfect solution to revamp the appeal and aesthetics of your living room in a unique way. That’s the bottom line.

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