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In home decor, all major trends have good and bad moments. As it often occurs with all fashion trends, preferences of the people are affected by many factors, so what one day looked great, the other day may look outdated and worn. It happens too with home decor trends, even with Mid Century Modern. 

Barcelona Daybed

Born in the 1950s, and led by Design forces like Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe among others, Mid Century Modern reached its peak in the late 60s, in the middle of a revolution where materials, colors, and technology were deeply renewed. Functionality over design, minimalism, less ornament, experimental materials, and audacity in shape in colors, were part of the principles that made Mid Century Modern the major force in interior design. Both Home Decor and Office changed forever since the irruption of MCM. 

But nothing lasts forever and preferences, fashion, evolves. In the 70s the need for variety and renovation explode, and Mid Century Modern was relegated as something outdated, from the past.  New styles took the center of the stage, and for all the decades of the 70s and a great extent of the 80s, MCM was considered as something for scholars or collectors, but without any contact with reality.

Nevertheless, it is fair to say that some classic pieces of furniture of the golden age never came out of business and always had a sustained demand, like for example, the Barcelona Collection.

But since the mid-eighties, a new movement of designers started to take notice again about Mid Century Modern as an interior design tool, and that interest, that could look academic or scholar, progressively grew to a point where it became hugely popular, in the middle of the 90s. Since then, Mid Century Modern only became every time more popular, to the point of being now a major decorating trend, along with the most popular in the world. We can even say now that MCM is even more popular now that in its peak in the 60s.

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