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Imagine a comfy chair you could cuddle into, as if you were sinking into a pile of pillows? Believe it or not… That magnificent piece already exists! It’s known as the Womb Chair, mimicking the cosseting of a womb. This lounge chair was designed by mastermind Eero Saarinen in the mid century era. 

In fact, Saarinen came up with the expressive  sculptural form of this groundbreaking chair due to his friend Florence Knoll’s request. She asked the renowned Finnish/American designer and architect to create a chair “like a great big basket of pillows that I can curl up in,” according to Decoist. And that’s exactly what he did!

Even if the fabulous Womb Chair was designed way back in 1948, it still has universal appeal in the 21st century. So, why exactly is that this lounge chair is so iconic? Why is it that it has grown into a loved and recognizable addition to any home? Read on… You’ll be amazed! 

womb chair

Source: Dwell

Ahead of its Time

Always keen on experiments, Saarinen investigated how exactly comfort may be defined by the shape of any chair, and not by over stuffing cushions – as was the case of chairs back then. Therefore, he decided to use fiberglass, a material not heard of previously, taking his cues from boats built by fiberglass. 

In a feat of innovative engineering, the frame of this flawless lounge chair is in fibreglass, molded with foam, while perfectly supported by splayed steel legs. The result? The enveloping sculptural Womb Chair! This iconic lounge chair keeps being the best representation ever of the organic modernist movement and Eero Saarinen’s legacy.

womb chair

Source: Decoist


Saarinen first gained prominence due to his contribution to American modernist architecture after World War I. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until he was in his 40s that he was truly taken seriously in the furniture design world. This is thanks to winning first prize along with Charles Eames in the Museum of Modern Art’s “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition. 

After the win, he truly gained recognition as a modernist. He went on to collaborate exclusively with his friend Florence Knoll, while pushing the boundaries of modernism. His masterpiece Womb Chair is a prime example of organic modernism! His impact on furniture design is impossible to overstate.

Mid Century Modern Design Icon

The womb shaped chair, a mid century modern design icon, is one of Saarinen’s top works out there. It remains truly iconic to this day! If you’re trying to add an iconic vibe to your home without breaking the budget, whether it’s a house or apartment, you should go for a Womb Chair replica. This statement worthy furniture piece is so unique that it’s perfect not only for homes, but also for commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels, airport lounges, spas and more.

womb chair

Source: Decorpad


Even if this chair is an ideal fit for the living room, due to its adaptability, it can be used in every room, including as a reading chair. This comfy lounge chair is great for spending a relaxing day on! It can be placed in your reading nook, home office or study room – preferably next a cabinet or bookshelf. 

This way, you can sit back and relax while you enjoy your favorite book or one from your to-read pile! Perhaps you may even add a few back-pillows like the gorgeous ones featured here to make the sitting experience all the more relaxing. Placing a desk lamp would also enhance the reading experience.

Pinnacle of Comfort

The anthropometry and body of Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece has been specifically designed  to make it the pinnacle of comfort. It’s trendy and stylish by default, but once you’ve actually had a chance to sit on it, you’ll realize it’s incredibly comfortable too. Therefore, we recommend setting up a pair of enveloping lounge chairs wrapped in soft wool in spaces that relaxing is required – in your reading nook, next to a fireplace, bedroom or even in front of a window.

womb chair

Source: Dwell


As we’re constantly surrounded by well defined, clean lines in modern spaces, varying colors and textures are an absolute must to create highly engaging  interiors. And, the curvy design of the chair shaped like a womb offers that much needed contrast! It’ll superbly accent any space!

The chair itself as a whole is compact and modern in form despite its round shape. It’s  this enveloping shape that brings together coziness and elegance, making the Womb Chair truly  inimitable and sought after. 

Great Accent Capacity

Thanks to the way this womb shaped chair is designed, it also works as an exemplary accent chair. It’s sophisticated, classy, and yet one-of-a-kind enough that it’d be perfect for accenting a wide range of interior decor styles. And, due to the wide range of colors available, from vivid to muted tones, it would dramatically accent any interior. It can make a statement in modern, vintage, industrial, chic and eclectic interior decor styles!

Source: urdesignmag

Long-Lasting Appeal

Even if it was designed way back in 1948, this lounge chair has the same appeal as it had in the 1940s. Whether it’s just the chair or the chair plus the ottoman, it can still be seen in stylish homes worldwide, no matter their decor style. Not only is this iconic piece highly adaptable, fitting in with different styles like contemporary, retro, industrial, modern or even classical, it also has a long-lasting appeal. This wool wrapped beauty is timeless!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider the iconic Womb Chair reproduction from Barcelona Designs to furnish your home. You won’t just be investing in a furniture piece – you’ll be investing in style and long lasting comfort. It’ll instantly elevate your home!