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Great craftmanship and amazing customer service. The Bellini modules are easy to connect and I love the endless configurations I can achieve. Thank you so much.

Patrick F.

Mario Bellini Sofa


(19 customer reviews)
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Mario Bellini Sofa offers the advantage that it allows the user to create a “seating landscape” with its components. Multiple high-quality density polyether foam layers provide the ultimate comfort. Modular pieces that provide flexible solutions for any decorating project or a sophisticated living room that needs a highly functional piece

We also offer each module separately. Item in stock, same day shipping.
Mario Bellini Sofa

  • Solid wood legs with floor protectors to prevent scratches
  • Reinforced wooden frame made from rot resistant Merbau wood – no chemical treatment
  • Flame resistant & non-toxic materials (Baby Friendly)
  • High density foam with Polyester filling for great support and soft feeling
  • Highest quality reproduction
  • No assembly required
  • Best-in-Class 10 Years Warranty


The Bellini Sofa embodies understated coolness and top-notch quality. It’s designed with care, featuring premium leather or long-lasting fabric. With the Bellini Sofa, you get a perfect blend of chic design and lasting value, without any unnecessary frills.


Our Velvet complements the Bellini sofa beautifully with its opulent texture, luxurious feel, and enduring color vibrancy. This material exudes elegance and comfort, making it an ideal choice for a sophisticated and long-lasting design.

19 reviews for Mario Bellini Sofa

    Mario Bellini Sofa photo review
    Misha C.M.
    Super iconic design - great built. Very soft fabric but it looks also durable.
    Mario Bellini Sofa photo review
    Savannah Lowery
    Fantastic! I saw this sofa all over Instagram and this design grew on me. I purchased it for my new apartment. It's super comfortable!
    Camile Batiste
    I was kind of afraid to finally buy it here because I didn't know anything about the store, even considering that the Bellini looks good. But all turned out great. Really satisfied with my Bellini and Barcelona.
    The thing with the Bellini modular stuff is its functionality. It fits beautifully wherever you want to use it, without overcrowding your space.I am designing my room step by step, and this is one of my best purchases. My word: go for it.
    Titi Mendoza
    I can't believe that a week ago my BELLINI arrived and now is the star in my place. In RUST ORANGE...Oh My! Sometimes I just don't want NO ONE sits but ME... :-) Totally Awesome!!
    Teddy Thompson
    My Antique Brown Bellini in my hall...ROCKS Grumpy Delivery Guys at my apartment...NOT THAT MUCH But is good furniture.
    How much would you pay for this special sofa? See it for yourself and realize it it is worthy enough. A very good offer for good furniture stuff. I totally recommend it.
    M. Sullivan
    More than a good price. You are receiving quality furniture here. Resistant frame, smooth quality skin. Nice online service. More than pleased. Thnx.
    Emily Chang
    Sooo beautiful and "practical". It really can fit in your space......I purchased mine for my living, but it can easily fit perfectly on your balcony or even backyard, just take note of your measures!!
    Anne Mitchell
    L-O-V-E my super Bellini. Looks CHARMING and ELEGANT in my LIVING. A FLEXIBLE and SMART solution. APPROVED!!
    Cecil Carter
    A great deal.... Price is more than convenient...You receive a high-quality design piece of furniture for a middle-range value... BUT... As with anything in life, nothing is perfect, so delivery is not that perfect. Eye on that.
    Tim Roberts
    Very satisfied with my purchase :-) I confess that I was a little worried at the beginning about the quality of the fabric, but it turns out beautiful and resistant. Overall is a high quality design, with a resistant wood frame. The floor protectors are a nice detail, at least for my living room.
    Manfred Allen
    This Sofa is Both Beautiful and Functional. Highly recommendable. A top-quality pick. If you buy it clear or white, be careful with spills.
    Robert Phineas D.
    Good conditions. For the price, this was a very good buy
    Juan Peaton
    Perfect delivery as expected. The product looks just as in the picture... and great price! love my belliniiiii
    Very... very good.
    Arianne B.
    Hello! i was really looking into buying a sofa that could improve the looks of my living room and also fit with my design philosophy ... this bellini sofa is just delightful
    Love my purchase. Very comfortable.
    Christine Wells
    Top quality and highly durable furniture. Barcelona designs has really done a great job

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