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InSitu Chair

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Meet the InSitu furniture collection – a timeless and attention-grabbing style for any room. By blending lavish Linen, durable Dacron, and robust Rubber Wood with comfy Polyurethane Foam padding, this collection adds a touch of elegance to your home. It’s an excellent choice for giving any room in your house, whether it’s the living room or bedroom, a classic look. You can easily keep it looking great with simple spot cleaning, ensuring you enjoy it for years to come.

Overall dimensions: 38″H x 54″W x 40″D

11 reviews for InSitu Chair

    Rico L.
    Not really much to say, but this insitu chair is a hidden gem. Very recommended
    Nicolas Snapper
    A great attention grabber! The shape alone really makes anyone wonder and talk about it!!! Insitu is a very nice word to name this chair haha
    Wilmar Seas
    Perfect... VERY perfect!
    Sixto Reinders
    This inSitu chair proved to be a very decent option or alternative to other more expensive chairs!
    My insitu chair arrived very quickly! pleasantly surprised with the price and service~
    I feel this is a masterpiece! great shape, great color, amazing feeling, and an overall wonderful atmosphere
    Sarah Belisario
    My friend Johnny recommended this to me on Twitter(or x) and I just had to buy 3 for my living room!
    Petra Quincy
    Nice delivery options thumbs up!!!
    Ella F.
    This insitu chair works perfectly with a mid-century table. great combo
    Peter B.
    Hahaha, this chair is a competitive combination between an lc3 chair and a mushier chair
    Jude Borrel
    InSitu chair? honestly amazing!

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