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Ducaroy Ottoman Replica Fabric

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The timeless design makes the L an authentic masterpiece which breaks the traditional schemes of the pieces within its category. The sofa’s ergonomic design and its multiple high-quality density polyether foam construction and quilted covers make the L the ultimate sofa in comfort and style. This sofa is what your modern living room needs to dazzle all eyes.

By combining the different pieces and sizes, you have limitless possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique setting. The most popular configuration is one 3 seater sofa and two single chairs.

Disclaimer: This product could look similar to other brands but is not manufactured or affiliated with Lignet roset or any other brand

  • Premium Aniline Leather – Only 5% of cowhides qualify to be Aniline grade, we only use the best selection available in the market
  • Superior craftsmanship – same manufacturing process and materials as per the original
  • 3 densities of high-quality polyether foam are combined to make the frame
  • Ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort
  • Assembly not required
  • This contract-grade item is manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use in addition to residential
  • Best-in-Class 1 Year Warranty
  • Seat Height 14.1″

General dimensions: 14.5″H x 34″W x 31″D
Seat height: 14.1″


Ducaroy sofas are all about that cozy comfort! They’re crafted with cushy polyurethane foam and dressed up in plush fabric or leather, so you can sink in and unwind in style. Unlike other sofas, Ducaroy ensures there’s no awkward gap between your back and the backrest, providing the support where you need it the most. Plus, their cool, unique shape makes them your go-to for a super relaxed lounging vibe.


The Ducaroy sofa is all about that stand-out style. Its sleek, low, and modular design is impossible to miss, turning any room into a total head-turner. If you’re into classic design, it’s got that timeless charm that’ll totally win you over.


Chenille’s soft, velvety texture is a luxurious delight and incredibly durable. Its tight weave resists wear and tear, ensuring your sofa remains beautiful over the years.

Ducaroy sofas are the real deal. Thanks to top-notch materials and craftsmanship, they’re ready for years of everyday action. Our chenille fabric has a soft, velvety texture that’s luxurious and super durable. And the cherry on top? Easy-peasy cleaning and maintenance. Chenille’s tight weave resists wear and tear, ensuring your sofa remains beautiful for years to come.


We blend four different polyether foam densities to construct the frame, eliminating the need for wood or metal. Two supportive layers maintain the sofa’s shape, while two comfort layers ensure ideal seating support for extended periods.

Thanks to top-notch materials and craftsmanship, they’re ready for years of everyday action.

13 reviews for Ducaroy Ottoman Replica Fabric

    Pep Gamboa
    Get it asap! you will absolutely love it, no doubt!
    Freddy S.
    I love watching anime while sitting on my ducaroy sofa and ducaroy ottoman. Frieren ftw!
    Peni P.
    A great complementary piece to fully achieve that mid-century modern vibe I always wanted
    Cal Stevens
    Absolutely love it. Every living room should have one these ottomans <3
    Esmulin H.
    The L ottoman is a Wonderfully crafted piece. go and get it asap and experience the ducaroy vibe
    Gary P.
    Perfect to rest my feet after a hard day of work, and also looks adaptable and beautiful
    Luisa Rogers
    My review: This amazing piece that is the l ottoman ducaroy fabric is just what my living room needed. blends in perfectly with my other ducaroy pieces (that I bought here haha). delivery was on time and very professional. Very happy with my purchase
    Cesar T.
    This ducaroy ottoman fabric goes HARD
    Terry D
    Want a good recommendation for am minimalist space? get the gray one
    Louis Reed
    L ottoman? It's more like W ottoman if I'm being honest! It's a lovely design that has that same togo or ducaroy vibe. definitely recommended
    Jon Vargas
    A peculiar name, but a great investment for my living room
    Fabiola L.
    This ducaroy ottoman goes perfectly with my ducaroy sofa and chair! LOVE DUCAROY!!!
    Ivana H.
    This ducaroy ottoman is a game changer!

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