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The Arco Lamp has many incredible uses that you can seize to create an incredibly well-lit space without much effort. Aside from having to carry it, you will probably find that the design goes beyond what most people think of a floor lamp. For starters, yes, you are really not supposed to move it around, but that doesn’t mean it fails as a floor lamp. The concept actually goes beyond that: The Arco Lamp replica is supposed to light up an entire room, becoming something more than your regular floor lamp. Let’s examine this in depth a little more.

How to properly set an Arco Lamp replica

You might find yourself wondering about the proper placement of such a gorgeous lamp. Given its size, most people might find that it won’t work in small spaces, but this could not be farther from the truth. The Arco Lamp replica was meant to go anywhere, improving every space you might find it in. The minimalistic and serious style can provide any room with uncontested elegance, but you do need to find a good place to put it. Let’s look at some examples.

First of all, you have consider setting up the lamp towards the center of the room. This will allow you to maximize the light that the floor lamp emits. Remember that the Arco Lamp has two beams with different strengths: the first one comes from the bottom of the lamp’s head and is concentrated in a way that makes it perfect for illuminating objects like round tables on a living room or leisure spaces where you might sit alone on an armchair or lounge chair to read or just pass the time.

The second is at the top of the head of the lamp: The Arco Lamp replica has a head crowned with a collection of little holes whose purpose is to help disperse the heat and allow for better cooling of the bulb, preventing you from getting a nasty burn if you happen to touch the structure. However, this is not their only function: the little holes also allow light to disperse upwards from the lamp and into the ceiling, in turn creating a much more comprehensive lighting solution for big rooms.

To set the lamp towards the center of the room and enjoy the benefits of its lighting in full, you have to find a corner where you can place the heavy Carrara marble base. You don’t have to place it near the corner, the base can go in the middle of a room as well, what you have to pay attention to is the angle of the lamp, which needs to be pointing to the center, and then you can maximize its lighting capabilities. As we’ve said before, this makes the Arco Lamp replica extremely flexible and a great addition to your interior design.

What do we mean when we say flexible?

When we mention that the Arco Lamp is flexible, we are talking about the fact that its properties as a floor lamp allow for a much more varied use of it as a lighting source. For example, a coffee table, the glass table in particular, is not really a flexible item. It has one use (being a coffee table), and it is mostly best located as a centerpiece on a single setting. The Arco Lamp replica, though heavy and difficult to move, can be used as lighting in many places, as a centerpiece or accompanying light, and doesn’t have to be in one particular point of the house. In the end, you will be able to get a lot from it that just its looks, and that what’s makes it one of the greatest floor lamps that ever existed.