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Eero Saarinen, renowned architect of the 20th century, was the mastermind behind the Womb Chair. It was specifically designed for beloved friend Florence Knoll and was produced ever since 1948. And, Womb Chair reproductions are still being produced in the 21st century. It has timeless appeal! This mid century modern design icon was created for comfort.

Womb Chair

Source: ebarza

Searching for a classic mid century modern lounge chair to add to your living room, reading nook or den? You definitely can’t go wrong with the womb shaped chair! 

Brief History

Florence Knoll requested Eero Saarinen to try making her vision a reality. She told him that she wanted a chair “like a great big basket of pillows that I can curl up in.” To Saarinen it was clear that she meant a comfy chair accommodating different positions. Always prone to experiment with new materials, he attempted using fiberglass at that time. 

Fiberglass was just starting to be used by the automotive and boat industries, yet had never been used for furnishings. After a few prototypes at last he created a design that would work, and the womb shaped chair was born. It’s the first fiberglass chair ever to be produced in the United States!


Womb Chair

Source: ebarza

The womb shaped chair’s popularity snowballed over time and has been showcased in advertisements and magazines.  Here are a few:

  • 1958 – Coca Cola Company – Mind boggling advertisement showcasing Santa Claus sitting in a light gray Womb Chair while drinking a refreshing Coca Cola bottle. 
  • 1959 – Saturday Evening Post – Magazine cover was a clever Norman Rockwell painting featuring a man sitting in a Womb Chair while his family walked past him.

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