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A new year and new trends in 2020. As it happens always with every new year, some elements in Interior Design are in, and others are out. Does anyone remember the statuettes?

But just like every year, the classic styles of design are still with us. Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, and Country/Rustic are still the dominating forces that drive what we call now Modern Furniture.  And inside these forces there are pieces like the Tulip Table, that portrait very well the image of what we call Modernism.

Tulip Table

With its stylish silhouette, its clean-cut shape and adaptability to different materials and surfaces, the Tulip Table is present in every space of our homes, and even in our office.  This year 2020, there are two factors that contribute to the success of the Tulip Table in the world of Interior Design.

Marble and Tulip: A blend made in heaven. Marble is back in 2020, and we’ll be seeing more of it in bathrooms, kitchens, and tables. The clear, whites’ shades of the Tulip mix very well with the different features of marble. One of the better presentations of marble is a top of the tulip, as a dinner table.

The persistence of Mid Century Modern. 2020 is going to be a more eclectic year in terms of décor. Calm, relaxing colors, several materials like velvet and wood, and more intense use of plants are going to be characteristic in our interior spaces in 2020. Nevertheless, the main pieces of modern furniture remain stable: a Barcelona Bench; a Tulip Table, are still focal points in our spaces because its attributes in terms of quality and comfort haven’t been matched.

So, if you want to be in the trend and don’t miss a thing in 2020, keep in it mind that in Modern Furniture, the Tulip Table is going to be rocking the charts, either in your diner room, your living room; or even at your side in your bedroom. In Barcelona Designs you will find the best replicas in Mid Century Modern, just for a fraction of the price one original.