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What exactly does mid century modern design mean to you? It may mean a space decorated with retro mid century modern furniture with a vintage feel, contemporary sleek designs or blending styles for an updated, fresh look. Regardless of what it means, mid century modern design is a top trend right now. To help you out, here are two tips to creating a contemporary space with mid century modern dining chairs. Perhaps now you can find inspiration!

1. Go for Iconic

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Souce: The Spruce

If you’re trying to add some unique pieces of art to your mid century modern dining room, frame quotes from Andy Warhol and other pop art icons from the 60s. This way, you’ll instantly make a statement! In the crips white dining setting showcased above, the true masterpiece is the group of molded plastic chairs, mid century modern icons. 

How these Pyramid Chairs magnificently accentuate the space! These sleek molded plastic chairs were first designed back in the 1950s by Charles and Ray Eames.

2. Consider Spooky Furniture Pieces 

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Source: The Spruce

Even if they’ve been around since 2002, this futuristic reboot of the classic Louis XVI armchair design by Philippe Starck is still taking many dining settings by storm, especially in sets. The intimate dining space showcased above has all the luxury-feel and personality needed with a set of spooky Ghost Chairs, a.k.a Anime Chairs congregated around a stylish white pedestal table. 

The epitome of a nouveau classic, the body of this transparent chair is expertly molded from polycarbonate. All out glamour and style!

We hope this information comes in handy and that these clever tips help create a contemporary dining setting, whether it’s a dining room or kitchen nook. Visit Barcelona Designs for mid century modern dining chairs and other furniture pieces.