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Womb Chair

Source: Homedit

In 1948 Florence Knoll requested mid century modern mastermind Eero Saarinen to come up with a chair like a basket full of pillows to curl on. The result was the iconic Womb Chair! The sophisticatedly organic form of this is incredibly eclectic in visuals. It has the clean, sleek shape of a mid century modern creation, yet it’s also unconventional. Make sure that it can perfectly fit your current surroundings or desired ambiance! 

Womb Chair Replica

To help you out, we’ve come up with a few interior design styles for which a Womb Chair reproduction would be an excellent addition:

  • Contemporary – The Womb Chair has a timeless aesthetic like all of Eero Saarinen’s coveted furniture pieces, so it’ll look gorgeous and totally on point in a contemporary style ambiance.
  • Modern – This lounge chair is an excellent addition in any modern interior thanks to its clean lines and organic form. Besides, its unique shape and colorful upholstery would make a great accent piece.
  • Eclectic – Adding a light gray or white Womb Chair in the middle of an artfully mismatched setting would dramatically ramp up its accent capacity. Therefore, it’ll look great in eclectic style interiors.  

So, here’s everything that you need to know about the womb shaped chair. We hope you’ll better understand its distinctness! Ready to consider the iconic Womb Chair replica from Barcelona Designs to furnish your home? You won’t just be investing in a random furniture piece – you’ll be investing in timeless style and long-lasting comfort. It’ll instantly elevate your home!