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The appearance of the Finn Juhl sideboard in 1955 was an incentive and a source of inspiration for the mid-century modern models that were appearing at that time, especially since it was a change of direction about the style that this artist had been demonstrating in his previous works. The simplicity and functionality of this piece, made up of a figure defined by its straight lines, geometric proportions and very particular color management were some of its most acclaimed characteristics and part of the achievements that made it an iconic model of the MCM.

The Magic of Colors In One Design

The Finn Juhl sideboard replica, unlike other important MCM style designs, uses color management in a very original and successful way to confer personality and a distinctive stamp. The use of Goethe’s color wheel is one of its great secrets since it’s not typical of furniture from that generation to present such a particular effect, applying degradations of cold or warm tones. This makes it a good choice for both cool color palette decorations and warm color palettes. Besides, the fact of being made of wood gives it exceptional warmth and aesthetics.

The hand-polished steel frame with wooden feet of the Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard forms the structure of this piece and supports its walnut veneered frame. The influence of this sideboard was so marked that many designers later tried to emulate its characteristics with great fidelity. Surely, you know how to value the contribution that a piece of furniture like this is capable of making in your space, since not any sideboard will be able to give life and a distinctive seal to your compartment, be it the living room, the bedroom, a hallway or any other corner of your house. Dare to enhance the layout of your space with the Finn Juhl 1955 TV cabinet and so many other designs of the Mid-Century Modern style.