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The living room is the cover letter of any house and any decorative style. It’s almost always responsible for generating the first impression on visitors and also represents the first mouthpiece about the lifestyle of its inhabitants: their tastes, preferences, and the use they make of the spaces. Choosing a floor lamp of great fame and recognition as the Arco lamp is a safe bet in terms of style and modernity since it’s a timeless design that will never go out of fashion and won’t fail to be original and stand out among the more common types of lamps.

However, it’s not all about style and aesthetics. The lighting that any lamp can offer you must necessarily be focused on a common objective with the rest of the layout, whether it’s the Arco lamp or any other type of artifact. Balanced lighting is as vital an aspect of decoration as any other, and it’s of utmost importance to know these types of resources to take full advantage of all the features it can offer, especially if it’s a very large living room or with very peculiar architectural properties, such as rooms with very high ceilings and others where a great variety of activities is normally carried out at any time.

The Arco Lamp Is A Tool Of Great Beauty

The lighting of an area is directly related to its functionality and aesthetic value. Therefore, any contribution that an element as outstanding as the Arco lamp can do for it will be highly valued and convenient. A well-lit room can display its true colors, create a feeling of spaciousness, allowing you to appreciate the space with even its smallest details, and offers plenty of comforts. Many people take advantage of their living room for entertainment and leisure activities such as watching television, sharing a pleasant moment with family and friends, as well as productive and uplifting activities such as studying, reading, and even working from home. Obviously, it’s the most used space in more than one case, and an area with this degree of activity always deserves the best lighting, balanced, and of the right type.

Often the installation of ceiling light is not a sufficient element for a compartment as special as the living room. This is usually the main and most important reason why it becomes necessary to reinforce artificial lighting with a resource such as the Arco lamp and other similar devices but this task is not always so simple, taking into account the wide variety of support tools available and the different ways of applying them. It’s not necessary to be an expert in interior lighting to know exactly how to best use these resources, but it’s vital to be very clear about the direction you want to follow so as not to make mistakes that end up generating an opposite effect than expected.

The Arco Lamp Can Become Your Most Important Ally

One of the most relevant keys to identifying a poorly lit room is paying attention to its corners. If the corners of the room are shadowed as if the light was insufficient to reach them, if all the influx of light is concentrated in the same point, making some parts appear overlighted while other areas appear too dark, you’re in presence of a space with unbalanced lighting. The Arco lamp is of great help in this regard since its reflector head is capable of directing the light to the place where the user needs it and thus covering the least favored areas, allowing it great flexibility concerning the spot where you want to place the artifact. Also, the overhead lighting of this lamp is designed so that it can be used even up to two meters away from its base, allowing the user to move freely around the light source.

Lighting should be conceived as layers within an environment. These layers are intended to efficiently cover each area, especially the most important ones. A living room with four well-lit corners and satisfactory central lighting creates a sense of balance and a pleasant atmosphere. The Arco lamp, with its functional advantages, can be the perfect complement to reinforce accent lights, independent of the other resources that could be approved for this purpose: chandeliers, recessed lights, table lamps, wall sconces, and even reflector details that are present in the layout with some decorative function, such as metals, mirrors, shiny finishes, and glassware.

The Arco Lamp Replica Is The Definitive Resource To Achieve Balanced Light

What floor lamp model you know could you say looks just as good when it’s on as it is when it’s off? How many lamps offer you this significant advantage? Probably not many, but at least, this is one of the characteristics for which the Arco lamp is so famous and recognized: for how spectacularly good it looks both on and off. Some knock-offs of this piece, such as the Arco lamp reproduction by Barcelona Designs, faithfully emulate every aspect of the original product marketed by FLOS, including its amazing rectangular Carrara marble base, an element that, although it may not seem so, also influences in a very important way the lighting scheme, because it’s a reflective material and light in color.

The amount of natural light that your living room receives during the day is also an extremely important factor, which directly influences the result and the final effect that the compartment demonstrates during daylight hours. Natural light has very specific and special properties that no LED light source or another artificial lighting will be able to provide. However, rooms less favored by natural lighting can turn to such a wonderful artifact as the Arco lamp for the affected areas where a higher light capacity is required. 

The Arco lamp will always be a beneficial option for various reasons. This extraordinary design by the Castiglioni brothers, which became an icon of the Mid-Century Modern style, is still one of the best-valued products for lighting interior spaces, and you can discover its many properties today.