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Shell Chair

Mid century modern buff? So are we! Today we’ll be discussing a Danish mid century modern masterpiece we’re sure you’ve surely spotted hundreds of times. Of course, we’re talking about no other than Hans J. Wegner’s Shell Chair. It’s architectural beauty makes it a statement worthy furniture piece in any space! Read on learn more!

Brief History

Even if Danish architect Wegner designed hundreds of jaw-dropping mid century chairs, the most iconic one is, by far, the molded plywood Shell Chair, a.k.a. smiling chair due to its one-of-a-kind arch-shaped seat.

Wegner debuted the Shell Chair at the 1963 Furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark but only small amounts of it were produced back then. Luckily, furniture retailers started producing Hans Wegner Shell Chair replicas in the 90s. It has quickly grown into an  internationally recognized Danish classic! It’s design is still fresh and very on trend in the 21st century.

You’ve may have seen a myriad of chairs designed by Wegner, everywhere from the renowned Wishbone Chair to the Wing Chair. These are pivotal Danish mid century modern furniture pieces. His groundbreaking designs incredibly stand out because of their natural softness, interesting materiality and delicate shapes.

Shell Chair

Source: Carl Hansen

Why it’s Grown Into a Loved Addition

Combining true functionality and high design the Shell Chair has grown into a loved addition. Here’s why: 

  • It’s Functional – Despite its unusual shape, it’s highly comfy. Besides it’s compact, making it a perfect furniture piece for Florida condos and contemporary mansions alike.  
  • Stunning from Every Angle – This work of art is stunning when viewed from any angle, making it a decor element and chair at the same time. Its design cannot be beat!

We hope this information inspires you for an upcoming project. Ready to purchase your Shell Chair replica at Barcelona Designs?