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Is there anything better than being wrapped up by a cushy chair with your knees pulled up and wool softness all over? There’s not! That’s something Florence Knoll perfectly knew when she requested brilliant designer Eero Saarinen to come up with a chair for her. The product of his master design skill was the innovative Womb Chair, which has quickly become a mid century modern design icon.

Womb Chair

Finish/American architect and designer Saarinen was able to create the womb shaped chair due to his collaboration with Charles Eames and their need to mold wood, as stated by the Design Museum. Saarinen desired to devise a comfy chair, quite different to standard rigid chairs, where people could easily relax in a range of positions.  

Womb Chair

Source: Homedit

Saarinen and Eames ran into a shipbuilder who was using fiberglass when looking for a carpenter to create the chair model. Fiberglass turned out to be highly useful for molding the shape and complicated curves of the womb shaped chair. Foam filled cushions were used for the back and seat of the chair. At last, they were able to finish the Womb Chair design in 1946, even if it was produced two years later. 

Even if there was a complicated acceptance with Modernism and modern furniture pieces and unifamiliar materials back then, the Womb Chair replicas are still being reproduced. This piece acquired cult status! It beautifully epitomizes mid century modern design and “uncluttered serenity,”according to The Magazine Antiques. And, over the years, homeowners realized that iconic pieces can work in any interior decor style.  

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