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Finnish born industrial designer and architect noted for his Organic Modernist style Eero Saarinen is the mind behind the iconic chair shaped like a womb designed in 1946. A mid century modern masterpiece! Even if it originated over seven decades ago, the Womb Chair’s enveloping sculptural expression keeps being the most recognized representations of the Organic Modernist movement and Saarinen’s legacy according to Architectural Digest.

Sadly,  the chair’s designer status hampers mid century modern decor style lovers from purchasing it due to their limited budgets. This is where reproductions come in handy! Here are a few reasons why you should consider the stylish womb lounge chair. 

womb chair

Source: Dwell

1. Its Understated Beauty

The main reason to consider the Womb Chair reproduction by Saarinen is that it’s the epitome of style. Not only is this mid century modern design icon stylish, it’s also fun due do it’s uniquely enveloping shape. This understated beauty brimming with sophistication will surely ramp up any ambiance out there!

2. Its Free Standing Capacity

Did you know this masterpiece is so impressive that it may even be used as a standalone furniture piece? Just embrace its freestanding capacity! Whether you’d like to use it in front of a stunning gallery wall, next to a stylish floor lamp, next to a wooden bookcase or anything else. This is the best thing about the womb shaped chair!

womb chair

Source: Architectural Digest

3. Its Accent Capacity

The womb lounge chair was specifically created to be an exemplary accent piece. It’s unique, classy and sophisticated enough that it would be perfect for accenting a wide array of interior design styles. This beauty can add tasteful contrast in contemporary, minimal or industrial interiors with plain upholstery. And, it can make a statement in retro interiors with patterned upholstery.

4. It Offers Long Lasting Comfort

The anthropometry and body of this enveloping lounge chair have been masterfully created by Saarinen in a way to make it a pinnacle of comfort. It’s trendy and stylish by default, but once you’ve had the opportunity to give it a try, you’ll realize that it’s also incredibly comfy too. Consequently, consider setting it up in spaces where relaxing iis required – in your reading nook, in front of a window or next to a fireplace. 

womb chair

Source: Architectural Digest

5. It Blends Perfectly With other Furnishings

The Saarinen’s womb shaped chair design is as understated and sleek as they come. It’s uniquely simple thanks to its complicatedness. An accurately shaped fiberglass shell and dense memory foam moldings wrapped in soft wool standing on stainless steel legs, beautifully blends with all kinds of furniture pieces. You may use it to complement the sofa in your living space, the bed in your bedroom,the bookshelf in your library or even the desk in your home office.

6. It’s a Mid Century Modern Design Icon

This enveloping beauty is one of Eero Saarinen’s best furniture pieces ever. It remains highly iconic to this day. So, a womb shaped chair would bring that iconic vibe into your living room, bedroom or library. Not only will this classic mid century modern icon make statements in homes, it also does so in commercial spaces like business offices, hotels, VIP airport lounges, spas and much more. 

womb chair

Source: urderdesignmag

7. It Lets You Sit Back and Relax

Especially designed by mastermind Saarinen to beautifully mimic the cosset of a womb, this comfy lounge chair is great for spending a relaxing day on. You may add one to your reading nook or study room – preferably next to a floor lamp, side table, cabinet or bookshelf – this way, you can simply sit back and relax, while enjoying your favorite book. You may even add a cushion or fur throw to make the experience even more relaxing, if that’s possible. 

8. It’s a Statement Worthy Piece

Trying to add an instant visual impact into your ambiance? Consider a Womb Chair! This womb shaped beauty is a veritable mid century modern design icon, so it’s a statement worthy furniture piece. We recommend beautifully placing it in front of a continuous or plain background as a striking free standing object. This would instanyl make your interior feel and look even more eye-catching!

womb chair

Source: Decoist

9. Many Trendy Color Options

The great thing about this Womb Chair is that with all the wool color choices from trendy muted tones to vibrant ones, you may personalize its upholstery all times. So, if you’re trying to emulate high contrast in your interior, you may consider a textured fabric or a simple fabric. On the other hand, go for a one-of-a-kind patterned fabric if you’re trying to emulate pattern contrast in your home. 

10. It’s a High Contrast Furniture Piece

A great womb lounge chair reproduction will successful}y imitate the iconic high contrast aesthetic of an original one by Saarinen. What does this tell us? These beauties with a high contrast aura will make your interiors pop with vibrancy, color and uniqueness. Ensure placing them as focal points in interiors so that they’ll instantly catch the eye of anyone who walks in. 

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, there are numerous reasons to consider the iconic Womb Chair replica with timeless appeal. Did you like this post? We’d love to know your feedback!  Don’t forget to visit Barcelona Designs for an extensive catalog of mid century modern lounge chairs and  other coveted furnishings.