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The market of Interior Design is very dynamic, in every aspect. The benches are not the exception, and we find a very versatile market where the Barcelona Bench is again setting the tune in beauty and comfort.

Barcelona Bench Daybed

What are the trends that impact the market of benches in 2020?

Fist of all, let’s keep in mind that Blue Classic will be the color of the year, according to Pantone; so let’s expect a bluer palette: More relaxing, calm tunes. White will stand out due to its complementary nature. The rise of big plants indoors will benefit the green, too.

Second, Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and Rustic/Country still will continue dominating the trends. Even in a more eclectic way than past years, but keeping the roots on the principles of functionality and sober elegance common to these styles.

What kind of benches will be popular in 2020?

There are benches for everyone, actually. When it comes to upholstered benches, we find storage/organizing benches, more oriented to make space for shoes and pillows at the end of your bed; the daybed-comfort benches to add some extra comfort in your living room and a daytime relax spot;  and the décor benches, mainly used to fill some spaces with a beautiful mini seat.

With a Barcelona Bench 3 seater, 2 sitter or daybed; in your living room or bedroom, you will certainly enjoy an elegant design that will give you a relaxing spot; some extra seats for your living and a little surface to display your recent readings. If you want to give yourself, or your beloved ones, the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful piece, in Barcelona Designs you will find the best quality in Mid Century Modern furniture for a fraction of the price of one original.