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In Interior Design, balance is one of the magic words. It’s a game of opposites where trends and elements play with each other without overcoming each other.

As a trend, Traditional is a major force in interior design, and it keeps very popular, Country, rustic styles will always have a place in many homes. Wood, cream, beige colors, rounded shapes, drapes, and curtains, ornaments.

A contemporary/modern trend, such as Mid Century Modern, will always have the charm of the “modern” adjective and a renovation and evolving design surrounding. .
The traditional house features Wood, cream, beige colors, rounded shapes, drapes and curtains, ornaments. It is not minimalist and favors a balance between design and ornament over functionality.

Mid Century Modern features wood and industrial materials, brown, neutral colors, round and straight lines. It’s minimalist and privileges function over design and ornament

As you see there are marked differences in both styles. Considering that most of the Contempo styles tend to be minimalists (Scandi,  Coastal Living), these factors will repeat in each trend choice.

What you should do to mix these two styles properly?

The important thing is to recognize that in such a mix there isn’t a perfect mix, completely balanced of both styles. The best approach is that “one must prevail”, and use the other style as a support element. I particularly think that one dominating contemporary style with notes or additions of traditional decor, work better than the opposite way (Traditional prevails over contemporary).

This way, in a minimalist space, with notes of wood, industrial materials, and neutral colors, one piece of furniture from traditional decor, like for example, a good looking rocking chair, will bring a vibe with color texture and materials pleasant four our sight and with some fun. 

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