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Mid Century Modern

It’s natural for any lover of interior design and decoration to feel a certain weakness for wood. After all, this material has had a very special role for a long time, thanks to its magnificent properties, the wide range of different types of wood that exist, its versatility, its resistance and also because it’s material friendly with any decorative style, easy to handle and with a very particular aesthetic value. If you’re also a lover of wooden furniture, surely a mid-century modern dresser is a perfect complement to your space. This type of furniture is very functional, dynamic, and you can give it many different uses.

The market is full of materials that are not exactly wood. There are certain compounds specially made to look and feel like wood, but they don’t actually have the same durability, strength, and appearance as real wood. Dressers are not the exception in this sense, but some designs have been made using wood with careful attention of technique and aesthetics to make the most of this material. Some examples of them are the Linea Double Dresser, Madison Dresser and Mirror, and the Linea High Chest. Although they are models that have certain differences between them, all are made of solid wood and have been manufactured according to the most advanced industrial procedures, following the strictest quality controls.

Wood, among its most valuable properties, can be easily adapted to any type of climate, is easy to maintain and is very light. These dressers can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth. Also, when they’re made of solid fir wood and walnut veneer, they’re very resistant and this allows them to function as a storage unit for all kinds of objects. Others, such as the Madisson Dresser and Mirror, can work very well in an intimate setting such as the bedroom, thanks to its magnificent attached mirror. Add a mid-century modern wooden dresser to your layout and enjoy a very functional piece of furniture.