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Have you heard yet? Barcelona Designs is hosting a great sale this Memorial Day! Simply put, it’s an offer you can’t refuse! Since Barcelona Designs, realise the maximum money you shell out at this point is during shipping, it is offering you FREE SHIPPING on purchase of Tulip Tables. With over 70 variations of the Tulip Table, Barcelona Designs shares with you the best ways to use the Tulip Table!

Spruce up your kitchen!

tulip table

We love the use of the Tulip Table in this kitchen. With an apt place in your home to support its elegance, the Tulip table replica by Barcelona Designs is a stunner!

It deserves to be a Stand-Alone Piece

tulip table

For those of you who are weary of serving food on this variant of the Lippa Table, this one is for you! An unique way to use the table is by making it your reading table. And we assure you, this is one spot you’ll keep coming back to!

Mad Men set the trend!


The image speaks for itself. Establishing trends, was a thing the Mad Men did. And one of them was the use of the Tulip Table in office. Ideal for some brain storming sessions, the Tulip table can seat upto 10 persons!

The one place, it’s meant to be!

tulip table

The best Tulip table replica that you can find, fits like a hand in glove, in the dining area. Since available in different sizes, the Tulip table is befitting to any surrounding. We specifically love this one!