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Metals and glass have always been a powerful, compelling combination, a highly recurring aesthetic resource that has earned many admirers and has been used in countless item designs of all kinds, from tables, doors, windows, and shelves even furniture and fixtures such as lamps and ornaments. Of course, a mid-century modern coffee table is no exception. Many models of this style include these two materials as main components and are made for certain types of well-lit decorative environments, almost always with neutral colors and similar elements that make up the layout.

The Combination of Power

The Press Console Table, for example, is made up of a series of aluminum segments that are interwoven to configure the structure of the table, the Round End Side Table presents a circular surface that is framed by a chrome steel tube and a circular piece of glass in the center, the Nimble Nesting Table presents a very innovative proposal consisting of a set of three tables of different sizes that are assembled or disassembled to use as the user prefers and are stainless steel structures crowned by tempered steel surfaces, the Pipe Stainless Steel Console Table whose structure features a series of reinforced steel tubes with lateral beams that shape the table, or the Prism Rectangle Coffee Table which presents a geometrically stunning structure made up of several stainless steel beams that are joined in a unique design to produce an amazing effect.

This is just a sample of how glass and metal can be combined in an extraordinary way to produce first-class pieces belonging to the same style. These materials, also, are a sample of how the fragile and the resistant can produce a very accurate effect and adapt to different shapes, spaces, environments, and proportions to communicate sensations and very particular effects at the same time that they’re very useful pieces.