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2020 is without a doubt a year with big changes for everybody. The big impact of the year COVID 19 will be seeing in the world of Interior Design, too. Before the apparition of COVID 19 in march (BC19), these were, more than less, the major trends in home designing:

Big plants in all rooms

More natural materials in furniture and decore (wood, metal surfaces)

A significative revival of Marble

Blue classic, the color of the year, according to Pantone

Mid Century Modern, Scandi, Country, Coastal Living as the major style forces in America.

But now that we’re facing a time of changes. Many things will change or evolve, but we are in the middle of a process that is far from finish. What we know until now?

Security seems to be one of the most prominent words for everybody in these times, and people can get a security sensation through classic, endless proposals.

Traditionally, in times of uncertainly, people look for classic values to get security and confidence. This may happen somehow with Interior Design. Classic proposals, like Mid Century Modern, Scandi (with its use of natural materials) and Country, may survive and prevail.

Additionally, there are new elements present in all the range of human activities from the moment things turn back to what we call the “new normal”. The hygienic factor will impact all decore. Gel dispensers will be all over the place. The preferences in surfaces will be oriented looking for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Teleworking, for example, is another trend that is going to hit high this year. Every house is going to have a little space to guarantee a workstation. The home office will be a standard section of the house, or room, from now on.

Interior Design

It is believed that there will be an increase in the use of natural materials: wood, steel and stones. More plants, too, as elements of decore.

But these are processes that just now are developing. We don’t know exactly where the market is really going to at this moment. But when it comes to Interior Design, it is not illogical to think that classical trends as Mid Century Design will pass the test of time, as they did it before.