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Mid century modern is our top design style. Can you blame us? Classified by simple forms, organic influences, expanses of glass and flat planes, this style is about pieces that are timeless and sleek. This period was also a pivotal era for furniture design, since most iconic pieces were masterfully created during this time. Pieces who still maintain an influence in the interior designs of the 21st century!

After careful research, we’ve rounded up two of the most iconic mid century modern dining chairs every home needs.

Wegner’s Chair 

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Source: Laura U Interior Design

Crafted by Hans J. Wegner in the 40’s, the wishbone chair, a.k.a. Stringta Chair, is a renown symbol of Danish furniture design. Bringing together function and form, the comfortably-curved back is highly similar to the shape of the wishbone. The simple design, wood frame, natural hemp seat prove ergonomically designed, and visual appealing furniture is possible. 

Thanks to the natural materials used, this versatile chair can feel either traditional or modern. This unique mid century modern dining chair will surely enhance any home!

Saarinen’s Chair

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Source: Laura U Interior Design

Designed by Eero Saarinen way back in 1956 in fiberglass, the iconic tulip chair, also known as Lippa Chair is an organic furniture piece with a shape like no other. Even if the chair resembles a stunning tulip flower in bloom, it’s not exactly its shape that makes it iconic… 

It’s the use of both straight and curved lines give the chair a futuristic feel! It’s lovely to behold! Typically used as desk chair or dining chair, the sleek, uncluttered pedestal chair, keeps everything under the dining table much less cluttered.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite iconic mid century modern dining chairs, we want to know yours. Which of these did you like best? Tell us in the comments section below! Visit Barcelona Designs for a diverse catalog of mid century modern furniture pieces.