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So, are you thinking to finally get your Tulip Table this year 2020 and give to your dining room (or living room) the touch you dreamt about? Well, congratulations!  because the Tulip Table is without a doubt the best addition in terms of utility, beauty, and style you can do to your place.

Tulip Table

And if you are planning to buy a Tulip, you’d probably been reading too about that color of the year 2020 lately. And how’s that? Does it has to do something with my choices of interior design and my Tulip Table?. Let’s see.

The Color of the Year is a traditional announcement made by the institute Pantone, with a long history of research and innovation in colors for Interior Design. Its announcement at the end of the year is long awaited by all kinds of artists, interior designers, fashion designers and so on.

The color of the year 2020 is the “Blue Classic 19-4052”.

So, does this going to impact somehow with my choice of Tulip Table?; well, yes, somehow. It’s reasonable to expect some increase in the palette of blue for several elements of our décor: The color of the walls; the surfaces in the bathrooms; fabrics, and cushions, to name a few.

The good news about it is that a Tulip Table is absolutely adaptable to the 2020 trend. Its versatility when it comes to its top, of several materials, make it adaptable to any fashion tendency. This year, marble is expected to rise as a surface for many interior spaces. And the Tulip Table has in its top of marble one of its preferred presentations. The blue palette of tones 2020 will make a perfect frame for the pale marble, in any of the models of the Tulip for this 2020.

If you want to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of rest and relax, in Barcelona Designs, you will find this piece for a very affordable price.