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Did you know? back pain, mainly caused due to sitting in a bad posture for long hours at work, is the 5th most common cause for hospitalizations & 3rd most reason for surgery!! Close to 60% people say back pain interrupts their daily activities and sleep a lot.

Don’t sit on a chair until you read it carefully!! Because in this blog post I am going to put an end to lower back pain and help you to cut down your belly fat to greater levels.

This post focuses on 2 major parts that I have used for myself!!

The first one does it with the help of little movements without exercise while the other one focuses on easy to follow super simple exercises that you can do while sitting at office.

If you are among those, who spend long hours at work and have no clue how they sit while working, chances are high you are at the edge of lower back pain.

In fact, it is not your fault, many of us do it every day as part of our roles and responsibilities, even myself had ran into the similar situation recently.

The Story of a Busy Man:

Let me tell you “how I got lower back pain first time in my life and what I did to recover from it”.

I had a little belly fat and always wanted to cut down that ugly fat on stomach.

It was the time when my professional experience was close to touch a decade and I was performing extremely well. Along with the huge load at office, I was also crazily working on other similar projects  immediately after reaching home.

My overall working hours per day went up all the way to 16, 17 and even 18 at times. I wasn’t even realized that I was spending too much of my time at work and sitting for long hours in a bad posture.

The same routine was continued for a while and my lower back started aching. Then I shared the pain with my friend and he suggested me to reduce my daily working hours and he was also gave me some suggestions on right sitting postures to put an end to the pain.

I was so crazy about the work and I wasn’t really stopped or reduced my working hours, instead I started researching a lot on the Google for easy solution to end my pain and practice sitting in a correct posture to prevent it happening again.

The Right Sitting Posture:

People have many myths when it comes to sitting in a right posture. I got same suggestions from my friends and collegues, they just left me in confusion.

Many believes that sitting in a 90 degrees is right and anything less than 90 degrees would be wrong. And many argues that even sitting in 90 degrees angle is also wrong and one should sit anywhere between 120 degrees to 130 degrees to prevent back pain.

But the fact is that sitting in a forced upright posture and the seating position with less than 90 degrees, both will leave you in pain.

Based on my experience, I believe that sitting in a 90 degrees posture and in 120 degrees posture will do the job, that’s how it worked for me. I used to sit in a 90 degrees angle for some time and when I can’t keep that posture I moved to 120 degrees angle, I think both helped me to put an end to the back pain along with the simple chair exercises I did.

At last I landed on 2 things; one is to move a little for every half an hour or one hour ensuring that the sitting posture was right.

The very next day demanded me to do either of the 2 or both. I had started doing the easiest one first, said goodbye to continuos work without breaks and moved quiet often just by walking to my collegue’s desk.

Things were started turning my side, my pain was disappreaing slowly but still it interrupts my daily activities a lot and I was not able to sleep properly.

Then I had no option but to try the next option of doing some simple chair exercises. The beauty of these exercises was, they not only helped me to relieve my pain but also aided in reducing belly fat.

Here are the top 5 chair exercises to get rid of your belly fat while you are at work;

1. The wheely exercise:

  • It is one of the easiest chair exercise I enjoy doing it.
  • Just extend your legs exactly the same way as shown above and use your hands to push back and pull close to the desk.
  • Repeat it for 5 to 10 times. That’s it !!

2. The underarm hold exercise:

  • Rest your forearms on the table top as shown in the picture and lift yourself off the floor & chair.
  • Try to hold this posture for few seconds.

3. Floating seat exercise:

  • This one may be little difficult for you, but most people finds it easier to do.
  • Here is how you do it – Sit in a upright posture and support yourself with both your hands on the chair.
  • Lift up your back as shown in the picture so that so float above the chair.
  • Do not forget to take the wall support.

4. Easy Plank Exercise:

  • Take the wall support to your office chair.
  • Hold the chair tightly with your both hands as shown in the picture above.

5. Standing Kickback with Chair:

  • Hold the chair as shown in the picture above and slowly lift your right leg and kickback slowly.
  • Do the same with your left leg and repeat it for 5 to 10 times.