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Ball chair was created by the Finnish designer Eero Aarino in the year 1963. Also known as globe chair, this creation is one of the remarkable designs of the 20th century. Aarino is known to blend the popular features of culture with the shapes of simple geometry. The unconventional industrial design of this globe chair lets it swivel 360° making it fully functional. When placed in the living room, the designer chair becomes the center of attraction. When this chair was presented at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne in the year 1966, the brochure described it as a creation of architecture and future design.

Features of the Ball chair

Eero made this chair with his own hands for his new home where he could sit comfortably with his wife and daughters. The original ball chair with a landline phone fixed inside can be still seen in Eero’s lakeside home built in 1988. The ball chair made its appearance in many popular movies like Men in Black and Dazed and confused. It was also seen in a TV series called The Prisoner in 1960s.

Made from fiberglass and polyurethane foam, the futuristic ball chair is completely modern and round that stands on single pedestal leg. The chair works as a room with in the room for the person sitting in the chair, by isolating the distractions and sound from the world around. It is a true balance of perfection, beauty and stability. From the philosophical angle, the chair represents a person striving for accomplishment through knowledge.

Today, this chair is still in production and a popular addition to modern interiors. It perfectly blends with the modern interiors and creates a private cocoon for the people to hide away with their smart phones or laptops. The modern classic reproduction of the ball chair by Barcelona Designs creates a spark of interest and is a perfect replica of the original form and design. Now that you know the history of this iconic chair, next time you think of comfort and privacy in your own house, think of the Ball chair from Barcelona Designs.