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There are preconceived ideas about how should be the interior design of a house, a compartment, an exterior space, a bedroom, and especially a living room. The most typical and traditional is a large sofa, with three or four seats, accompanied by two more armchairs that are part of the furniture set, a coffee table in the center, a TV station, sometimes a carpet, a floor lamp, and probably a dresser, among other more or fewer additives, depending on the person’s tastes and needs. This is the most typical and traditional layout that can be seen in virtually any house. However, some pieces such as the Shell Chair are made to highlight a traditional interior design and give it more personality.

A Chair That Broke Design Paradigms

The story of the Shell Chair is so particular that since its inception it was a creation destined to break with the traditional schemes of how the chair’s design process for interior spaces should be. The Shell Chair replica was an out-of-series model, which didn’t resemble any other type of chair seen until that date, and ironically it was this that confined it to anonymity for several decades. The analysis of this reality throws a sharp truth: when Hans Wegner presented this great work in 1963, the public wasn’t prepared to accept it as an innovative design and due to the low attention it received, it went virtually unnoticed.

However, this chair resurfaced in 1998, when it was relaunched by Carl Hansen & Son, and that was when finally, thirty years after its first appearance, the chair was recognized not only as a great piece but as an iconic design of its style and time. It’s a chair that looks good from any angle and serves to fill any space with great aesthetics. If you have a fragment in your living room that you aren’t sure how to fill or indeed you think that you don’t need to add another piece, you should reconsider that idea: a Hans Wegner Shell Chair replica could be the perfect addition to your home.