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Flip through the pages of a popular magazine like Elle Decor, what do you see? Stylish homes all over the world featuring mid century modern furniture, from mid century modern dining chairs to mid century modern lounge chairs. 

Mid century modern has supremely reigned as the most requested, identifiable and notable design styles ever since the turn of the millennium. The globe’s obsessed with it! 

In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be seated in a chair that was designed in the decade of the 50s if you dine in a contemporary, fine dining restaurant nowadays, according to Curbed

Whether you sit on a wire chair by Harry Bertoia, a molded plastic chair by Charles and Ray Eames or a one-legged chair by Eero Saarinen.

It seems every cool, modernist home out there showcases some type of mid century modern furniture piece. This hot trend has staying power! Want to be in the vogue? Go for mid century modern dining chairs!

Mid Century Modern – Definition

According to MyDomaine, the mid century modern style movement gained immense popularity  after World War II, while continuing until the decade of the 70s. The design style is highly known worldwide for its wide variety of materials, gentle organic curves and clean lines. 

Mid century modern design style also includes juxtaposition of contrasting materials, uncluttered spaces, minimal ornaments and functional pieces.

Mid Century Modern – History

Mid century modern pioneers like Saarinen, the Eameses, Bertoia, Cherner, Hans Wegner and many more have changed the way furniture designers conceptualize function and form. 

They also introduced innovative materials such as fiberglass, plastic, metals, plywood and others which hadn’t been used before in the furniture industry. They forever change furniture production! 

Mid century modern originated itself way back in the middle of the 19th century, came back strong at the middle of the 20th century, and came back even stronger today in the 21st century. 

So, what exactly does this tell us? It tells us mid century modern design style never really went away, it has truly become part of the world’s design vocabulary.  Mid century modern has staying power!

Top 5 Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

And since, mid century modern is a hot trend right now, we suggest following the trend with some icons. With endless possibilities out there, it may be overwhelming to find the right one. We can help! Here are five iconic mid century modern chairs you’ll love:

1. Lippa Armchair

Finnish-born designer and architect Saarinen absolutely hated the sight of many chair legs in a dining room. Trying to streamline the much-needed legs, he devised the one-legged Tulip Chair, a.k.a. Lippa Armchair in 1957, trading four legs for one pedestal.

Do you like to express your individual style? Our seamless, lovely to behold armchair makes it easy! This sculptural one-legged beauty is the epitome of mid century modern style!

2. WoodLeg Armchair

This pyramid base and organically molded plastic shell were new in the furniture design industry back in the 50s. It was innovated by no other than mid century mastermind Eames. This groundbreaking chair includes a flexible back and deep seat for comfort. 

An ideal piece of modern furnishings for the home, this playful, yet understated chair is a delightful addition to the contemporary setting. This iconic molded plastic chair by the Eameses is similar to our WoodLeg Armchair. It has timeless appeal! 

3. Wire Chair

Back in the 1950s most chairs available were rigid and were made in wood. Therefore, the furniture pieces by Italian born designer Harry Bertoia, which were expertly constructed out of welded wire and a springy feel, were an innovation. 

This ergonomically innovative chair, similar to our gold Wire Chair, has been in continuous production since 1953. Don’t you just love the airy feel these wire beauties have? They would go perfect with any industrial or modern interior!

4. Stringta Chair

The Wishbone Chair, a.k.a. Stringta Chair, is a mid century modern icon first created by Danish designer Hans Wegner in 1949. The curved backrest was crafted to cradle the body and offer comfort, while allowing for a graceful silhouette.

This sleek furniture piece beautifully mixes modern shapes with traditional designs. Ours comes in a solid wood frame with a natural finish, and a woven hemp seat. This understated beauty would bring texture and uniqueness to any space!

5. Elio Dining Chair

Want to add a funky French bistro feel to your dining space? Consider Tolix Chairs, also known as Elio Chairs! A French cafe icon, this piece was designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934. These metal beauties with an industrial vibe let you inject a classic bistro look into your home. 

These design classics can now be found in every Paris cafe, London pub, Manhattan upspace restaurant, coffee shop, wine bar or restaurants out there. Upgrade your house, penthouse or loft with a chair that beautifully exhibits the charm of the classic bistro. 

We hope you find this info inspires you for an upcoming project. Did you love these iconic mid century modern dining chairs as much as we do? Which one is your fave? We’d love to know your feedback! 

Tell us in the comments section below! You can find these design icons in Barcelona Designs as well as other coveted modern furnishings of the highest quality. Browse our extensive catalog!