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Understanding the Danish design relationship to coziness

Danish design has topped the list of popular trends in 2021 according to blogs like Houzz and Apartment Therapy. For many of us -the interior decoration fans lovers- it seems like a predictable fact due to the exquisite finishes, shapes, and wood accents that characterize this captivating style.

Although Danish furniture is widely adored today, it was not always like that.

Hans J Wegner was one of the pioneers in exposing Danish design to the world and influencing the Scandi fundamentals that we know today. Showing not only that design follows function, but also optimal techniques and innovating furniture pieces such as the Hans J Wegner Circle Chair.

Now, why is a Danish piece like the Circle chair perfect to create a cozy corner? Before beginning to describe the circle chair in detail, it seems pertinent to explain why we usually see on platforms like Pinterest the relationship between cozy and Danish on a daily basis.

Well, the answer to this question can be explained by a famous term among Danish: Hygge. The Hygge “is about celebrating coziness, warmth, and family, as well as practicing mindfulness”.

This term has potentially influenced the relationship between the two. And it is no secret that Danes often decorate their home in a cozy and harmonious way, including wooden accents, soft fabrics, neutral colors, bright and simple spaces.

Hans J Wegner Circle Chair manufacturing process

tissue chair in form of circle with wood accents

The circular chair is nothing more than a faithful combination of the most characteristic features of Danish design. Hans Wegner was able, through an extremely simple structure, the circle, to create an elegant and above all cozy structure.

One of the curious facts that are usually shared when mentioning the circle chair manufacture is that Hans J Wegner finished this project at the age of 72. Although he was thinking about it from the beginning of his career, he could never finish it until years later, where his maturity and experience served as a key piece to make such a balanced structure.

The Hans J Wegner circle chair is considered one of his most visionary and special projects in terms of its manufacturing and structure.

For the creation of this Danish chair, It took master craftsmen Sren Holst Pedersen and master laborer Henry Fisker to develop a special machine to make it out of wood, which Wegner himself did not really think was possible.

Dimensions of the circle chair

Hans J Wegner Circle chair features

Despite its size, the Circle Chair is light, practical, and easy to move around.

The Hans J Wegner Chair replica that we are currently offering in Manhattan Home Design it’s very loyal to the original piece, maintaining the wood accents and the particular tissue.

Here we have summarized the main features of the Hans J Wegner Circle Chair:

  • Structure: hardwood frame with double dowels and corner-block-reinforcing with balanced tension flag line
  • Medium firm cushion seat feel, with fabric upholstery (C.O.M available)
  • Solid wood legs/frame with the natural oak finish; Two casters included
  • All materials are fire-resistant & non-toxic (Baby friendly)

Comment below which Danish chair is your favorite!